Special manufacture / Pyrotechnics

Our significant asset is more than 80 years of experience in arms production and special manufacture as well as ecological disposal of ammunition. We sell our products to the army, security and civilian sectors.
We produce smoke and personal protection devices, aircraft protection devices, special ammunition, civilian pyrotechnical products and signalling devices. We are involved in specialised pyrotechnics, testing of ammunition and pyrotechnical products, disposal of ammunition and realisation of firework displays.

Manufacturing programme

Special ammunition includes universal hand grenades (URG-86) in several designs. We produce reactive anti-tank and thermobaric single-use infantry weapon systems (RPG-75 M, 68 mm RTG), smoke screen cartridges (DGO-1) and smoke grenades (DG-50), aerial decoy targets (M-206 CZ, MJU‑7 A/B, PPI‑26 IV CS) and flash and sound grenades (P-1, P-2, ZV-6).
In the area of pyrotechnics, we produce friction and electric igniters, light markers and smoke devices, signal cartridges and firework torches. We perform ammunition disposal and firework displays.
We also offer development services – we have our own R&D and design department for all types of pyrotechnics and a special test laboratory for testing pyrotechnic products.

Smoke screen protection
Special ammunition
Personal protection
Aircraft protection
Signalling devices
Civilian pyrotechnic products
Development of new products/testing ammunition and pyrotechnical products/ammunition disposal/fireworks implementation