Aircraft Protection

FLARE dummy targets
The dummy targets guide airborne anti-aircraft missiles with infrared guiding system to false targets.
They consist of an aluminium square, rectangular or circular shape shell. A pyrotechnic generator of the required wavelength and a pyrotechnic safety igniting system are installed inside the shell. The shell neck is closed by a cap. The shell is fitted with a correspondent electric priming screw.
The packaging of all shell types meets ADR requirements. The shells are fired electrically from rocket pods meeting STANAG regulations.

The device is designed to make a dummy target for infrared systems of guided anti-aircraft missiles.
It consists of a round aluminium shell with a head. The priming screw is incorporated in the bottom of the shell. The shell also incorporates a pyrotechnic generator and a cap, which closes the shell. The shells are watertight. They are fired from ASO-2 or ASO-2 V rocket pods located on helicopters or other military equipment.