Tradition, experience, quality

These are the main assets of ZEVETA. And you can add professionalism, responsibility, respect and courage. We have acquired these strong values thanks to our people who share the same life attitudes and turn them into the products and services that have addressed customers around the world since 1936. It is our mission to implement modern and progressive products that our customers can always rely on due to these strong values.
We have been an integral part of the White Carpathians region for more than 80 years. This is why we approach all of our activities with respect to future generations, so that we can honour them with the traditional mechanical engineering that is inherently connected with the ZEVETA brand and this region.

Ing. Radoslav Moravec, CSc
General Director and Chairman of the Board

Mechanical engineering – Zeveta Machinery a.s.

Our production focuses on cold forming, machining, welding, surface treatment, assemblies and tool and fixture manufacture. We supply components to the automotive, gas and food industries, parts for mining, construction and agricultural machines and parts for air-conditioning devices, medical equipment and other devices. We work within the ISO IATF quality management system for automotive parts manufacture.

Our most prominent production concerns technologically demanding deep-drawing parts made of cold and hot rolled sheets, aluminium or galvanised sheets in thicknesses from 0.5 to 6 mm.
In the area of machining, we focus on milling, lathing and drilling on CNC and classic conventional machines. We perform flat and cylindrical grinding, as well as wire cutting.
We weld steels, stainless steel and aluminium using the MIG/MAG, TIG and CMT methods. We own seven robotic welding sites and also perform resistance welding.
Surface treatment
We offer powder-coating and painting with synthetic or water-based paints as well as degreasing of parts before surface treatment, and part passivation and phosphating. We own sandblasting and bowl vibratory finishing machines.
We produce unit assemblies and sub-assemblies using chip-forming machining and cold forming (suction guards for manual power tools, paint dispensers, bulk construction material dosers, etc.).
Tool manufacture
Construction and manufacture of cutting, bending and forming tools in a simple, progressive and combined design. Long-standing experience in the construction and manufacture of fixtures and measuring instruments.
Special production and explosives – Zeveta Ammunition a.s.

We produce smoke screen grenades and cartridges, pyrotechnics for personal protection, ammunition designed for aircraft protection, special ammunition, civilian pyrotechnical products and signalling pyrotechnics. We are involved in a development of such specialised pyrotechnics and we conduct tests of an ammunition and a pyrotechnical products. We are also capable to dispose of a pyrotechnical materials and ammunition and we do realisation of firework displays too.

Special manufacture
We produce special ammunition: universal hand grenades (URG-86) in several designs, reactive anti-tank and thermobaric single-use infantry weapon systems (RPG-75 M, 68 mm RTG), smoke screen protection cartridges for vehicles and similar military objects (DGO-1), aerial decoy targets (M-206 CZ, MJU-7 A/B, PPI-26 IV CS), flash and sound grenades (P-1, P-2, ZV-6), etc.
We produce signalling smoke grenades and devices, signalling ground flares and ground to air fired flares, friction, electric and other initiators, signal cartridges and other pyrotechnical products.
We have our own R&D department for an ammunition and pyrotechnics. For this purpose we have a specialized test laboratory for testing pyrotechnical products and ammunition. We also perform ammunition disposal and firework displays.
Why choose us for cooperation?

The long-standing mechanical engineering and arms production in our Company has brought a huge amount of contracts. And each of them invaluable experience which we can apply to new projects.

Even the most sophisticated machines or new equipment cannot replace the long-standing experience gained by the amount of realised contracts. This experience is passed on to new Company employees by the best specialists of our region in the area of mechanical engineering and pyrotechnics. In our Company, tradition is therefore not merely just a year written on paper.

We work for various industries – automotive, gas or food, mining machinery and air conditioning or medical equipment. In this way we are able to exploit and transfer experience from other fields to the production of your new product.

Working in the ISO IATF and ISO 9001 automotive parts quality management system standard guarantees high quality and production quality. This is achieved through continuous innovations in technological production equipment and advanced metrology of the production process.

Pressed, machined and welded parts. Special manufacture and pyrotechnics

Pressed, machined and welded parts. Special manufacture and pyrotechnics.
Each order is an original for us. You can find more examples of products on the sub-pages of the individual technologies of the engineering division or special manufacture.