Civilian Pyrotechnic Products

Friction primers TZ-M / TZ-M 3
Friction primers are timed pyrotechnic initiators used to initiate specified types of training imitation ammunition or particularly specified products.

Electric primers/EZČ/EZO
The electric time-delay or instantaneous primers are used to initiate imitation and training pyrotechnic ammunition. The module of this product follows up the TZ-M friction primers where an electric igniting system is used instead of a friction primer.

Fireworks torch
It is used for lighting, marking or signalling or as an igniter of pyrotechnic products.

Smoke grenade DG-50
Smoke grenades serve as technical pyrotechnics for signalisation and communication.

Flares – 26.5 mm
The flares are pyrotechnical products fired from a flare pistol. They are used to create a light or sound effect.