Our History
We rely on tradition and experience


Establishment of the Company
The company Kyšer a spol. was established. The production included chemicals, arms and pyrotechnics.


Construction of a new company, increased production and workforce.


Chemical and arms enterprise
The name is changed to Chemical and arms enterprise. The production was oriented towards arms manufacture, which accounted for about 70% of production.


Zbrojovka Brno
The company was incorporated into Zbrojovka Brno. The main production included pyrotechnics for the Ministry of Defence.


Vlárské strojírny
The plant becomes a separate company "Vlárské strojírny n.p. Bojkovice". The main manufacturing programme included production of signalling ammunition, civilian pyrotechnics and components cooperation.


Secondary aluminium manufacture
Introduction of aluminium manufacture. Initially Al granules and Al powders, from 1966 also Al plastic. Production of aerosol containers started and the plant became a monopoly manufacturer.


ZEVETA Bojkovice
The plant became an independent company named ZEVETA Bojkovice incorporated into VHJ–ZVS Brno.


The company becomes independent
ZEVETA Bojkovice separates from VHJ–ZVS Brno and becomes a state enterprise. It is included in the first wave of privatisation.


In the privatisation, the Al products are sold to German ALBO SCHLENK and production of aerosol containers is separated as the independent MORAVIA CANS corporation.


Establishment of ZEVETA Bojkovice a.s.
Establishment of the current ZEVETA Bojkovice, a.s. Gradual specialisation in the automotive industry and special arms manufacture


Establishment of ZEVETA AMMUNITION a.s.
Establishment of ZEVETA AMMUNITION a.s. with focus on special manufacture and ecological disposal of ammunition; ZEVETA Bojkovice, a.s. is a shareholder.


Establishment of the holding company
establishment of the holding company – ZEVETA Bojkovice a.s. becomes a 100% owner of ZEVETA Components a.s. (since 2007 ZEVETA MACHINERY a.s.) and ZEVETA AMMUNITION a.s.


Transfer of production
Successful transfer of complete clutch disc production from Germany.


New progressive line
Installation of a new progressive line for deep-drawing products with an annual capacity of 3.5 million units.


Modernisation of buildings and heating
Introduction of a new heating system for the entire premises, thermal insulation and modernisation of buildings with energy consumption reduced by 45%. Installation of a cogeneration unit in cooperation with ČEZ ENERGO.


Painting line
Completion of work on building energy performance. Emphasis on capacity extension – start of a painting line with an annual capacity of 3 million units.


Automatic pressing line
Participation in the development and subsequent installation of a fully automatic pressing line with an annual capacity of 2.5 million units.