ZEVETA AMMUNITION a.s. has its own design and development capacities for all types of pyrotechnics and their application to the product. The technical development is achieved by creating specialised workplaces for this development.

Testing of Ammunition and Pyrotechnic Products

ZEVETA AMMUNITION a.s. has created a special test laboratory for extensive testing of pyrotechnic products according to the applicable EU legislation. The capacity of the test laboratory is used for testing and examining pyrotechnic products launched on the market. Thanks to the unique nature of the testing equipment, it is also used for products of a special character. The testing equipment can also be used for a wide range of products in extreme climatic conditions, checking the resistance of the products and packaging depending on various transport conditions, etc.


In the delaboration process, we focus on:
1) Occupational safety, determination of flawless technological procedures and prevention of delaborated material abuse

2) Process ecology that does not interfere with the environment

The philosophy behind the delaboration of ammunition and other military materials is the creation of technological equipment that meets strict occupational safety and environmental criteria. We seek maximum autonomy in the ecological liquidation of delaborated materials.

Implementation of fireworks

We perform professional implementations of festive fireworks and pyrotechnic operations for individuals, firms and municipalities. We can prepare a project with a scenario, bring and install the pyrotechnics on the site and perform the actual fireworks display.
The preparation and firing of the fireworks are implemented by workers with lengthy experience and practice in the area.