Development and design

We develop our own solutions of individual manufacturing technologies, create advanced technological surface forming, machining and surface treatment procedures. A team of designers is concerned with construction of stamping tools, manufacturing fixtures and measuring instruments.
We create conditions for implementation of VaVe activities focused on new products, processes and optimisations.

Support of new projects

We offer comprehensive customer service when implementing new or innovative products.

We make the following analyses:
a) feasibility – assessment of the technological features of designed solutions
b) risks – assessment of proposed product materials and designs
c) capacity – alternative calculations according to anticipated prospects of purchasing

We perform product sampling including subsequent implementation into serial manufacture.

Measurement of qualitative parameters

We provide comprehensive services in the area of checking and measuring the qualitative requirements of products according to customer specifications.
We perform dimensional checks of products and create SPC and MSA reports.
We assess the surface treatments of products and provide external laboratory testing.